Nigerian Singer Waje recounts being banned from the choir after getting pregnant as a teenager

Pregnancy is not an easy feat for women as it involves a lot of changes and would require huge emotional support as well as financial strength.  For teenagers who are still naïve and have no solid plans for their future, teenage pregnancy is really tough.

Despite that, there have been several cases of teenage pregnancies and some of them recount what it was like after several years have passed.

Nigerian top female singer, Waje, recounted her painful and emotional experience as a pregnant teenager.

Photo: @officialwaje / IG. Source: Instagram

The talented Nigerian singer, Waje, shared her painful experience with teenage pregnancy during an interview with former gospel rapper and singer, Bouqui.

The singer recounted how she got pregnant as a teenager, how she opened up to her mother, and how her church banned her from singing in the choir as a result.

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The ‘I wish’ crooner said that she got into a relationship in her final year of secondary school and it gradually went from teenage puppy love to a sexual relationship.

She said: “I got into a relationship in SS3. It then went from puppy love to sexual. At the time I felt I loved the person and sex was the only way I could express it.”

Waje talks Teenage pregnancy with Bouqui- Prob-1










She also revealed how she eventually told her mother about her pregnancy. According to her, she finally opened up to her mother about her situation after she was already five months pregnant. The singer also revealed that she even wrote her WAEC while pregnant and nobody knew.

Waje further revealed how she was stopped from singing in the choir as a result of her pregnancy. She said that one afternoon someone came to her house to call her that her pastor wanted to see her.

She said: “When I got to Papa’s office, he was in the conference room and he looked at me and said: ‘if you lie, you will die because you are standing in front of God, you’re standing in front of the Holy Spirit and you’re standing in front of me. Are you pregnant? I said yes. He was so disappointed.” The singer then continued that the pastor told her that he wanted to see her in church on every Sunday and Wednesday service.

He also mandated her to never miss a prayer meeting but added that she could no longer sing in the choir.

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