#ArtistDiary – 3 Popular Nigerian Artists Talk About Their Most Humiliating Experiences as Upcoming Artists

Our first instinct is to doubt that the upcoming artists go through a lot because it is just easier to believe they were born famous and it isn’t that hard to sing (you can go try and see).

For this article, we spoke to 3 Nigerian artists who shared with us the humiliating things they ever experienced as an upcoming artist.


When I was an upcoming artist, I usually begged friends to stream my music and attend shows where I still beg to perform.
One day, I had just finished performing at an event and I was backstage waiting for a friend of mine to finish performing as it was his turn to perform.
The show promoter came backstage fuming, there were six of us there and he started asking who stole the phone of the host. The event host usually sits or stands backstage with us while artists were performing.
It was an iPhone 8 Plus then and it was just out. One of the girls there said they should ask me as I was the only one who looked poor enough to steal it.
I was searched, humiliated and the phone was later found in the pocket of one of the host’s clothes he had last changed.


I had gone to the office of a very popular comedian who hosts shows a lot.
I really wanted to perform at his show as I was just coming back into the industry after leaving when I was famous,  for health reasons.
He agreed to let me perform but I was going to sleep with him. He wasn’t the first to suggest it, they all do and I was fed up and tired and I said okay.
I was going to keep posting him until I was done performing then I can tell him to go to hell.
Well, on the day of the show, I did my soundcheck, came for a time check, was given time to perform, and everything.
My dancers and I sat backstage from 7 pm till 11 pm when I was to perform but this man would not let me o. He kept telling me to wait, around 1 am, I realized that this man wouldn’t let me perform unless I did something about it.
When he went to change his outfit, I quickly snuck past the stage manager, went on stage with my dancer, and performed to standing.
It was amazing except as soon as I came backstage, he went into a tirade of insults while everyone watched.


There was this famous artist who I admired. I was a P.A then so they didn’t see me as anyone.
Even when I greeted, or told him how much of a fan I am, he tells his guys to keep me away from him.
He once screamed at me at a location which was very embarrassing as people began to laugh.
Now I’m famous, and he’s been begging for a feature which I’ve pettily refused to do.
If you are an upcoming artist, and you have stories to share with us or you would like to be interviewed by Prob-1, kindly send us a message here.

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