Mistakes Most Upcoming Artists Make

Every artist has dreams of being famous, topping charts, and having millions of fans, but every dream becomes a nightmare if not properly pursued. For most upcoming artists, who is about to release a body of work, here are some mistakes to avoid;



As the saying goes, ‘too much of everything is bad’ and that applies in this case. Most artists assume that pushing their songs and promoting their body of work on every available platform would put them in front of every single one of their audience.

This is not true and often have opposite results. The audience gets overwhelmed by the body of work due to its continuous ‘in your face’ factor. At the end of the day, all it does is make your audience tired and unenthusiastic about your content because they’ve been overwhelmed.



I remember listening to an amazing afrobeat song on an Instagram content creator’s post a few weeks back. The song was by an upcoming artiste and I didn’t know who he was at the time. I searched every platform to find the song, but it was hard as there were so many similar songs with the same title.

However, if I had known the name of the artist, it would definitely have been easier to find the song. Artists need to build a brand around themselves and their craft. You need to be memorable and distinctive, people need to know you as well as they know your content so get familiar with your audience, promote yourself almost as well as you promote your songs or body of work.


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Hey, relax! A lot of artistes like to try too hard on their first song, they like to show everything they can do on the song but please remember, it’s just one song. That’s why it’s always best to use a producer you trust, he would bring out the best in your voice and also keep you in check when need be.

Don’t force it, a career isn’t built on one song, it’s a process.



The power of social media cannot be over-emphasized. Most upcoming artists wait until they are blown to start maximizing their social media platforms. It’s very much advisable to start building your organic followers and fans as an unknown. This gives you the right audience, the right followers, and ultimately- fans.

Mayorkun DMW- Prob-1

This would go a long way in building your brands and maximization of social media platforms to push your body of work. So take a cue from the likes of Mayorkun who used to work in a bank while pursuing his career, he was later signed to DMW after his freestyle of Davido’s song caught his attention through his social media platform. Ella Mai, Jacques, and Teni are not left out as their covers and freestyling got the attention of record labels who signed them from their social media platforms.


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