‘It’s not just about EndSARS at this point, it’s become a revolution,’ says Burna Boy

On October 19, 2020, Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy spoke with Tiffany Calver on the BBC 1Xtra Rap show. During the show, he spoke about how the EndSARS protest has become a revolution.

He says, “You have to understand that this is bigger than Nigeria because you have to understand that Nigeria is the biggest black nation on the face of the earth. I believe that any revolution will start from there.


“If Nigeria can overcome and reach its full potential and the youth can make sure that happens by rising up the fight for their rights like they’re doing at this time, then that’s going to be like a domino effect for the rest of the world, you know.


“That’s why it’s so important than just us as Nigerians and what we’ve been suffering for years at the hands of these politicians. This is just the beginning, man. It’s not just about EndSARS at this point, it’s become a revolution. It’s become ‘We want the new Nigeria’ and soon it will become ‘We want the new Africa.’

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