Fireboy Apollo Album, A work of artistic evolution (Album review)

Fireboy’s Apollo is a soulful, fun igniting album that manages to transport you to a place that reminds you of both the nostalgic feeling of being heartbroken or madly in love.

His debut album,  Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps was his silent plea to get noticed, His sophomore album, Apollo on the other hand, is a compilation of his victory songs. it is a statement of a young star who has finally found himself.

On its very first track, the artist screamed it and made everybody know. He sung-rapped, “I’m a king, I’m the best my generation ever seen…”

 Apollo by Fireboy is more sonically and topically diverse than his debut album, Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps.  Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps and Apollo aredefinitely opposite sides of a coin from the lyrics, rythm, flows, production and artistic direction.

The music reflects the artists current stance in both life and career and the current Nigerian soundscape and trend just as on his debut. In my opinion,  on Apollo, Fireboy makes better music and that is an evidence of his growth as an artist and a song writer.

Lets make no mistake, while both albums are a reflection of Fireboy’s sound and artistic strength, they are very much different – both sonically and topically. Olamide should take a bow for his amazing work on this album with Fireboy. You must really understand the importance of branding to A&R this album.

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For anyone who listens to the album, the first take away is that Fireboy’s Apollo is the creation of an increasingly confident young man and a cross-section of traits and occurrences that define his current life.

On his debut album,  Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps, Fireboy could be defined in several ways,  as a loverboy who hoped to create soundtracks that could aid and fit the amorous activities and occasions for his fellow youths while also hoping to make them dance by dropping club bangers. But on Apollo, he slightly steps away from that persona and becomes a more confident version of himself, it was clear statement of growth.

He even takes a nonchalant jibe at his haters on, ‘Lifestyle.’ He uses it as a weapon when he sang, “Ever since I got my first hit song, they’ve been jealous. Silly a** broke a** n***s, but since I got famous, I couldn’t care less… I nor dey fake am, it’s a lifestyle. Make I yarn you, I’m better than most of them…”

With the Fireboy brand getting more diverse and broad, his team has masterfully retained his loverboy side. A part of the Apollo album is still an Afro&B, delivered with a flow of  diverse range of pop music. Some of the pop music is R&B-based like on, ‘Tattoo,’ or Guitar-based Afro-alternative music on, ‘New York City Girl’ or New Jack Swing on, ‘Favourite Girl.’

On his debut album, Laughter, tears and goosebumps, he was very much open to jumping at love and into any love situation. But on his sophomore album, Apollo, Fireboy is quite grown. In the Afro-pop jam ‘Go Away’ he clearly voiced a reluctance and fear to be, “catching feelings.” His debut album felt more like the musings of a young boy who just loved to love, but reality never failed toslap the young man in the face.

Several songs  were flat and boring on Apollo, its also has a pristine and impressive production. producers like P Prime did a madness on, ‘God Only Knows’ just as Type A and IamBeatz delivered all their works. However, the most outstanding production is Pheelz. This is the greatest show of his range.

He has repeatedly showcased exceptional range on Baddest Guy Ever Liveth for Olamide, Gold for Adekunle Gold, Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps for Fireboy, but he has once again taken it up a notch with a sound like, ‘Favourite Song.

With an EMPIRE deal in sight, The album Apollo was created with an underlying international appeal. The song, ‘Champion’ features Compton rapper, D Smoke. The album is filled with electronic chops and electronic songs. Songs like, ‘New York City Girl’ and ‘Favourite Girl’ might be liked here, but they were created with more international appeal in mind.



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