Davido- A Better Time (Album Review)

At his fourth attempt, Davido’s ‘A Better Time’ album is an exciting ‘almost’ flop saved by a few good songs.

Nigerian music superstar, Davido dropped his  ‘A Better Time album on the 13th of November. Davido is the music head of DMW and is doing quite well but he is not the best talent out there. Davido’s best talent or gift could be said to be his amazing understanding of music.

He’s not the greatest talent ever, but his understanding of music will always stand out and help him to level certain playing fields when it comes to his peers and competitions.

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For Davido, his best trait has to be his brutal honesty with himself, he understands his flaws, his errors, his weaknesses, and best of all- his strength. Instead of continuously singing terribly on records with less than bad lyrics, he openly seeks songwriting help and works hard to find solutions that would help lessen his weaknesses and make good use of his flaws.

These traits also make him a great A&R as well as a great spotter of talent. His ability to pick, groom, and sign the best talents is second to Donjazzy and none other. It truly has to be a gift because DMW has the best set of artists.

His ability to drop singles with resonating lines that never seem to leave your head and lips is a thing of marvel.

From his first single ‘Back When’ down to his latest ‘FEM,’ he builds his singles on resonant lines that can easily imprint on people’s psyche. These are lines that one can repeat without even realizing.

During his Blackbox Interview with renowned host and interviewer, Ebuka, his background might have aided some parts of his surge up the ladder of success, but it’s not the sole reason why he made it – and that’s just facts.

Davido has truly worked his way up the music industry and deserves the accolades and respect he has earned. He has surpassed all the limits and has become an international superstar.

Every time he has been counted out or ignored, he rises like the phoenix to casually beat the odds yet again. His album, A Good Time, was very successful and did really well and also got a lot of plaques in South Africa, Canada, and the US.

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But despite it all, Davido has managed not to produce an album of great quality and distinctive sounds until now. Davido ‘A Better Time‘album is less than perfect but it does have distinctive new sounds like ‘I Got A friend’ featuring Mayorkun and Sho Madjozi which was a fusion of afrobeat sounds and amapiano beats and sounds and that counts as something.

Amapiano sound is a contemporary sound originating from South Africa and it seems to be the new wave and the trending sound, but no Nigerian artist has particularly managed to introduce it with a fusion of afrobeat until now which is what makes Davido stand out.

If ‘A Good Time’ was meant to soundtrack a party, ‘A Better Time’ was meant to celebrate where he currently stands in his life. On ‘The Best,’ he sings, “Suddenly from good, I’m better…” He’s become a father to three children, a fiancee to Chioma Rowland, and a man adored by many across the world.


The tracks on ‘ A Better Time ’ might have had a better chance of international recognition and acclaim if they had dropped in 2018 as those times would have been more accepting. Nicki Minaj was also impressive on holy ground as her flow and bounce on the song made it a song you would most likely want to listen to but Lil Baby was very disappointing on ‘So Crazy.’

‘Very Special’ isn’t very unique, it reminds one of ‘1 Milli.’ But it’s a song with so much potential if the music video is properly thought out and executed with preferably an Igbo wedding scene in its music video, the song could soundtrack weddings for the foreseeable future.

On ‘Heaven’ Davido produces a swashbuckling performance on Amapiano – a genre that has floored many-a-Nigerian artists.

By far, it’s one of the best songs on this album and one of Nigeria’s best songs of 2020. It has a well-produced beat which is amazing and its songwriting perfectly serves a purpose.

The truth that most Nigerian artists need to learn is that the quality and beauty of an album is not about the number of hits it has.

An album is all about the experience it’s able to conjure for a listener and the feeling the listener gets after listening to the body of work, not the number of pop records one can enjoy from it. This was where the body of work ‘A Better Time.’ Failed.



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