Burna Boy: Twice As Tall – A relentless quest for the Grammys (Album Review)


On the release of his fifth album, The self-proclaimed African giant, Burna Boy set the internet on fire. What we are currently witnessing, is a change, a shift in the dimension of what the Nigerian afro-pop sound is and what it could become in the nearest future.

On the track ‘No Fit Vex,’ Burna Boy shows us that he is now a man who is less interested in his petulant side and more focused on his great side. Of the masterpieces he dropped, the most enlightening line is, “If you nor know me, you go think say I dey kolo…” He also discussed his unwillingness to keep pretending to be who he is not, in the track ‘Bebo’, and celebrated his petulant side on, ‘Wetin Dey Sup,’ but no song on the album was more riveting and self-captivating than ‘Nor Fit Vex.’

Burna Boy Album Cover- Prob-1


In comparison to his last album, African Giant saw Burna Boy documenting the everyday reality of a Nigerian man from Africa especially living in Africa while his new album, Twice as Tall is a clear insight into the life of Burna Boy himself.

You could tell how much his new album was inspired by culture. As a Yoruba boy born and raised in Port-Harcourt, Burna Boy took us to his root with street slangs and street nuggets infused into his lyrics in most songs on the album like, ‘Comma’ and ‘Wetin Dey Sup’.

Burna Boy- Prob-1


The two-song had a lot of controversial lines that were subtly homophobic or were interpreted to be. Most Nigerians on twitter are not finding the suggestive lyrics funny as lines such as “I nor be one of those men who dey fear toto fuck nyash, check am na pa koro pa…” In English, it means, “I’m not one of those men who fear the vagina and instead f**ks the anus…” offends them. With a project like this which is sure to have undergone a lot of damage control checks, it’s a wonder anybody allowed this kind of lyrics pass.

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Burna Boy- Twice as Tall- Prob-1


Burna Boy has made it clear what this album represents for him, asides from the showcase of his artistry, this album represents Burna Boy’s dream of winning a grammy especially after losing to Angelique Kidjo in the Best World Music category.

Burna Boy has managed to play on a high level of diversity and in it. He continuously works smartly in testing the limit of his artistry. He has a great work ethic which can undoubtedly be said to be the best in the industry, he is also a music lover inspired by diverse sounds and cultures.

At 29, Burna Boy has left a mark in the industry and continues to do so. More importantly, he has numerous people on his team who are invested in seeing him become even bigger than his dreams.


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